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Credo che ciascuno di noi, almeno una volta nella vita, abbia guardato i cartoni animati e abbia apprezzato lo stile di un personaggio cercando, perchè no, di imitarlo.
Il mondo Disney racchiude in sè personaggi iconici, dallo stile e dalla personalità unica, che rappresentano dei modelli di ispirazione per noi e per la moda.
L’Autunno – Inverno 2015/16 ci conquista con capi ispirati al mondo dei cartoons, divertenti e spiritosi.
Molti designer si sono lasciati ispirare dal mondo Disney nelle loro creazioni, ne è un esempio Givenchy (clicca qui per saperne di più) che ha scelto Bambi come protagonista di una linea di T shirts e felpe, mentre in questa stagione Marc Jacobs ha collaborato con la Disney nella realizzazione di una linea di accessori ispirata ad Alice nel paese delle meraviglie.


Tanti sono gli eroi e i cattivi dei film che ci hanno fatto innamorare, tra questi la spensieratezza di Trilly, la classe di Anastasia, lo stile irriverente di Crudelia de Mon, il mood glam e la determinazione di Tiana.
Personalmente ho sempre amato l’eleganza di Anastasia. 
Ditemi la vostra.
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We’ve all had that moment where we’ve seen a cartoon character whose style is infinitely better than our own. Cartoon characters may feature predominantly in films marketed for children but some of their most famous looks and styles ensure that they have become modern cultural icons. Many designers look to Disney for inspiration, for example Givenchy featured Bambi on a range of T-shirts and sweatshirts, whilst this season, Marc Jacobs has collaborated with Disney to produce accessories and basics inspired by the popping visuals of Disney’s 1951 film Alice in Wonderland.  Over the years, we’ve been introduced to an array of fabulous cartoon characters that have some serious sartorial game. Ranging across the heroes and the villains, every film has that one stunning transformation or signature look that is worn by a sassy and fabulous character.

For all she is small and relatively silent, Tinkerbell is a pixie who is feisty, self-assured and knows exactly what she wants. The best friend of Peter Pan, she became iconic thanks to her representation in the 1953 film, sporting a strapless bodycon dress, a chic topknot and a dainty pair of shoes. She became an integral part of Disney’s marketing after the film, featuring in most of the advertising campaigns to add a little bit of magic, and still a favourite with Disney fans over sixty years later. Thanks to her distinct hour glass figure, she was compared with Marilyn Monroe, and has been the inspiration for many bodycon looks since then.

Less well-known than some of the most prominent Disney princesses, Anastasia became a favourite with film-goers thanks to her passion, her sassy personality, and because of her never-ending determination to find out who she is and where her family resides. Over the course of the film, she transforms from an impoverished girl living in a St Petersburg orphanage to a glamorous young women who attends the Paris Opera to try and meet who she thinks is her grandmother. Wearing an effortlessly modern blue strapless dress that reaches to the floor and features a sparkling train, this ensemble caught the imagination of children and adults everywhere.

Cruella de Vil
In revering Cruella’s style we are in NO WAY advocating the fur industry or the kidnapping of adorable puppies. Cruella is in almost every way psychologically unhinged, but her dress sense is second to none. With her infamous monochrome hair, a chic LBD, long red gloves and a voluminous fur coat, she is ridiculously stylish. She is undoubtedly the sartorial star of the film, putting the relatively dowdy other characters to shame. This Halloween, Iggy Azalea dressed up as the fur-mad villain, carrying the look with perfect style and sophistication. Shoplooks that tend towards Cruella’s signature style.

One of Disney’s greatest recent princesses, Tiana is kind, hardworking and is constantly driving to succeed in life for herself and her family. One of the film’s best moments sees the classic Disney 2D animation transform into a classic art deco style. In the segment, Tiana stands out wearing a slinky white dress with a sultry split up the side and her hair in a chic Josephine Baker crop. She is the embodiment of 1920s glamour and aspiration, determined to disrupt the parameters imposed by society so that she can achieve exactly what she wants.

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